AAPA Applauds Federal Port Funding Decision

The American Association of Port Authorities is lauding the federal government’s recent decision to award $100 million toward security infrastructure to more than 44 U.S. port authorities and various terminal operators and other maritime stakeholders.

Ports netted nearly $30 million from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency through the agency’s Port Security Grant Program, including the municipality of Anchorage/Port of Alaska ($1,687,687), the city of Long Beach Harbor Department ($2,169,600), Port of Seattle ($616,849) and Port of Everett ($620,231).

“The Port Security Grant Program is utilized by ports around the country to stay vigilant and continuously improve their security posture in light of ever-evolving threats,” said AAPA Government Relations Manager Derek Miller. “In our everyday lives we have felt the disruptive and dangerous impacts of the increase in cyber-attacks and ransomware situations around the world. This program is vital to protecting our workers and our supply chain.

By Pacific Maritime