Abrams Marine Group Acquires Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy
Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy
Image via Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy.

San Diego-based Abrams Marine Group has acquired Virginia-based Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA), the two entities revealed Dec. 1. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

MAMA offers 90-plus U.S. Coast Guard approved deck and engineering courses along with customized instruction. Facilities for the vocational training center include a 31,000-square-foot main campus.

“MAMA is a great training organization with a highly regarded team and world class facilities,” Abrams Marine Group CEO Dave Abrams said. “The company is located in a strategic location for the growth of both our defense and commercial business segments.”

Abrams, who also owns San Diego-based Training Resources Maritime Institute and Maritime Publishing, said that MAMA and TRLMI would eventually merge into one organization under a new name to form what he said would be the largest maritime training company in the U.S.

“For now, the two companies will operate independently but collaboratively to maximize training opportunities for mariners,” he explained.

(Full disclosure: Abrams is also the publisher of Pacific Maritime Magazine.)

“We are excited to be joining forces with Dave and his team in San Diego,” MAMA President Ed Narantowich added. “Both of our organizations are very focused on serving the mariner, and the combination of the two companies will provide mariners with the largest offering of training options with strategic locations on both coasts.”

Virginia and California are both primed for growth in the maritime sector with offshore energy, defense growth, and continued increase in maritime commerce,” he continued. “We will be there to develop current and future generations of mariners to support that growth.”

“This will be a very exciting combination for our business and for the industry,” Abrams added. “MAMA has great facilities and many courses that we would love to offer on the West Coast.”

By Pacific Maritime