Agreement on Tilbury LNG Projects Signed

An aerial view of Phase 1 of the LNG expansion project. Photo: FortisBC.

Under a newly inked agreement announced earlier this month, FortisBC Holdings Inc. and the Musqueam Indian Band will work together to ensure that Tilbury natural gas projects will be beneficial to both parties.

Tilbury LNG projects include the Tilbury LNG Expansion Project and the Tilbury Marine Jetty Project, which would allow ship-to-ship LNG fueling at Canada’s Port of Vancouver and bulk export for LNG.

Phase 1A of the expansion calls for adding a 46,000-cubic-meter storage tank and LNG liquefaction capacity of 0.25 million tons annually.

“Musqueam is looking forward to being an equity partner with FortisBC at Tilbury, on the shore of the Fraser River, in the heart of Musqueam territory,” Musqueam Chief Wayne Sparrow said. “For thousands of years, Musqueam has lived along a trading route and supported trade in the region. Through our relationship with FortisBC, we are building on this strength while being leaders in energy stability.”

“Tilbury is powered by renewable hydroelectricity, which means it can produce LNG that is nearly 30% less carbon intensive than the average global LNG,” FortisBC President and CEO Roger Dall’Antonia said of the plant. “We value our long-term relationship with Musqueam, and I am pleased we have the opportunity to advance these projects in full partnership with Musqueam.”