Bay Ship & Yacht Leadership Transition

Bill Elliott, who during a 45-year career transformed Bay Ship & Yacht (BS&Y) into a San Francisco Bay ship-repair conglomerate, has announced a new generation of leadership for the diversified marine services provider.

BS&Y’s beginnings were humble though, as Elliot first operated out of a single, mobile shipping container known as the “Shipyard in a Box.”

In a transition that takes effect March 28, Joel Welter, the company’s chief naval architect, will become CEO, and Gerona Goethe, currently assistant general manager, rises to become general manager.

Vice President Alan Cameron, who joined Elliott’s fledging BS&Y in 1979, currently serves as general manager. In the future, both Elliott and Cameron will be engaged in business development outside BS&Y, according to the company.

Welter graduated from Webb Institute in 1994 with a degree in naval architecture and marine engineering and has been with BS&Y since 1998. Goethe attended California Maritime Academy, holds a degree in marine engineering technology, and has been with the company since 2000.

Founded by Elliott in 1977, BS&Y’s marine refit-and-repair capabilities now serve a cross-section of commercial and government customers, encompassing the region’s expanding ferry system, barge network, superyachts and more.

BS&Y’s main facility, located in Alameda, Calif. along with Svendsen’s Marine & Industrial supply, employs about 350 craftspeople.  Another facility, Svendsen’s Bay Marine in Richmond, Calif., specializes in commercial and recreational vessels.

Historic ships from San Francisco’s National Maritime Museum are a frequent sight at BS&Y, nestled alongside modern ferries and superyachts, according to the company.