From the Editor: Pacific Marine Expo ‘22

As you may or may not know, in addition to being the managing editor of Pacific Maritime Magazine, I also edit one of its sister publications, Fishermen’s News. And in mid-November, I had the privilege and pleasure of representing Fishermen’s News at one of the largest and longest-running commercial fishing and commercial marine trade shows in existence, Pacific Marine Expo, which took place Nov. 17-19 in Seattle.

Maritime Institute, the parent company of Maritime Publishing, which owns Pacific Maritime, Fishermen’s News, Professional Mariner and other fine publications, operated Booth 220 at this year’s expo.

A handful of Maritime Publishing/Pacific Maritime representatives, including Publisher Dave Abrams, Advertising Manager Katie Higgins and yours truly, Managing Editor Mark Nero, were at the booth during various times over the course of the three days, as were other folks who help create content for the magazines, including senior designer Kathy Samuelson, Business Manager Sarah Spangler and writer Norris Comer.

Not only would I like to thank them for their hard work, I’d also like to thank the event’s organizers, as well as the fishermen, vendors, boat operators, salespeople and everyone else who stopped by the booth to say hello, have a conversation, pick up a complimentary issue of Pacific Maritime, Fishermen’s News and/or other magazines, as well as subscribe to PacMar or one of the other magazines in the Maritime Publishing family. It was great seeing you.

I especially enjoyed speaking with people within the commercial maritime industry about the issues that matter most to them including, but not limited to, offshore wind development, government regulations, environmental concerns, violence among vessel crew members and much more.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s input and feedback from readers and subscribers that help dictate the stories and topics that Pacific Maritime and Fishermen’s News cover, so the information that we received during PME ’22 was very helpful in determining which topics that the magazine could and should cover.

If you were unable to attend the expo or were there and want to learn about something that you may have missed, I’ve written a recap of the event, which can be found in the January issue of Fishermen’s News, which will be available in the second half of December.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you in Seattle next year.  

Managing Editor Mark Nero can be reached at