Maersk Receives Ocean Carrier and International Logistics Partner of the Year Awards

Maersk containers
Maersk containers
Maersk containers stacked at a Port of Los Angeles terminal. Photo: POLA.

Global shipping firm Maersk has been named Ocean Carrier of the Year and International Logistics Partner of the Year by Home Depot as part of the 2022 Executive Carrier Council, it was announced Feb. 7.

The Ocean Carrier Partner of the Year award honors firms that show acceptance of high bookings, network flexibility and a high level of overall partnership, officials said, while the International Logistics Partner of the Year spotlights Maersk’s role in facilitating the successful flow of imports from factories to ports.

“Maersk has been a partner for 20 years with a vast global footprint,” said Sarah Galica, Home Depot’s vice president of transportation. “Maersk supports our origins and destinations with a dedicated staff (that) understands The Home Depot’s business and is constantly looking for solutions. Despite the industry challenges in 2021, Maersk was consistent in moving contracted capacity and executing with a high-service level.”