Seattle Propeller Club Chapter Named Port of the Year

Seattle’s Heather Haugland receives the 2022 Port of the Year Award from International Propeller Club President, Jim Patti, in Athens, Greece. Photo courtesy of Seattle Propeller Club.

The Port of Seattle Chapter of the International Propeller Club has been named the 2022 Port of the Year by the International Propeller Club, which encompasses 83 clubs around the world, including 58 U.S. ports and 25 international ports.

The Seattle Propeller Club promotes maritime commerce in the Puget Sound region.

“The Seattle Propeller Club was recognized for a variety of accomplishments, but particularly our resiliency and creativity throughout the pandemic to remain active, as well as our recent, strong growth in membership,” Club President Tosca Pinder said. “We were also recognized for our community outreach and support of local nonprofits such as the Mission to Seafarers and the Sea Scouts.”

The award was presented at the 96th Annual International Propeller Club Convention, which took place Sept. 20-22 in Athens, Greece. Seattle Propeller Club Vice President Heather Haugland accepted the award on the Club’s behalf.

“The success of the Seattle Propeller Club would not be possible without the remarkable professionals that volunteer their time as board members,” Pinder said. “I want to recognize those who have served as board members over the last three years, as their dedication has contributed tremendously to the success of the organization and the achievement of this award.”

The International Club was established in 1922; the Seattle Propeller Club was formed in 1929. More information about the Seattle Propeller Club is available