Bay Area Firms Liftech Consultants Inc., McKay International Engineers Merge

Image via Liftech Consultants Inc.

San Francisco Bay area companies Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers have merged under one banner and will be based in Oakland, the companies announced in April.

The move combines the firms’ maritime engineering and project management experience and allows the pair to better serve clients by “drawing from an integrated multi-disciplinary engineering team with unified management and administrative support,” according to an announcement regarding the merger. “Clients will benefit from a single-firm solution for communication and coordination between multiple disciplines.”

The companies are not unfamiliar with each other, having partnered on hundreds of projects for more than five decades.

Since 1964, Liftech Consultants Inc. has offered structural engineering services specializing in designing container handling cranes and other equipment. The company has worked on the structural design of wharves, floats, buildings, heavy lift structures, and other special structures, according to Liftech.

First incorporated in 1969, McKay is a mechanical and electrical engineering firm that specializes in heavy equipment design and is known for its iconic crane design concepts (the company’s founding principles played an instrumental role in designing the first ship-to-shore container handling cranes), according to McKay.

By Karen Robes Meeks