Bonneville Lock Closed

Bonneville Lock remains closed to all river traffic and Bradford and Robins Islands are closed to public access while the US Army Corps of Engineers makes repairs to the navigation lock.

The Corps announced the temporary closure on Friday, September 8, after finding a mechanical issue. The lock had been drained and inspected, and repairs to the damaged concrete are underway.

More than a dozen commercial vessels are expected to be affected by the lock closure, including seven from Tidewater Barge Lines; four from Shaver Transportation; and three from American Cruise Line, according to the Coast Guard.

“We appreciate the close coordination with Portland Army Corps of Engineers staff as we work together to ensure the safe re-opening of the lock and waterway, given the area’s importance to transportation and commerce,” said Capt. Alan Moore, the commanding officer at Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Portland.

Located 40 miles east of Portland, the Bonneville Dam is the first of eight dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers, a major waterway for goods flowing to and from the region.

For the latest on the lock closure, go to the USACE Portland District Lock Status Webpage with Facebook/Twitter links at:

By Karen Robes Meeks