Canadian Tech Company Unveils ‘BuoyCam’ Navigation Aid

Image: MarineLabs Data Systems.

There’s now new ocean technology available that could help mariners better navigate the ocean by visually assessing its conditions.

British Columbia startup MarineLabs Data Systems has introduced a BuoyCam service that gives subscribers “360-degree, real-time views” of the ocean by using images from sensors situated along coastlines, the company announced May 17.

Paired with other MarineLabs data, users can get access to the images using MarineLabs’ CoastAware platform on a desktop or smartphone and selecting the camera icon for a specific buoy to see 360-degree images from that location. The info is refreshed in CoastAware every 15 minutes.

The BuoyCam module joins with all MarineLabs hardware models that can be deployed quickly on current navigational aids, the company said.

“Today, vessel pilots and mariners are navigating the coast using data points and maps that inform them on swell, tides, and weather conditions but they have no indicators for visibility on their routes,” MarineLabs CEO Scott Beatty said. “With MarineLabs’ BuoyCam service, pilots can now put visual context to what’s ahead, and determine whether conditions are safe for operations. This is a huge improvement for the industry.”

The CoastAware BuoyCam service is being beta-tested in 16 locations along Canadian coastlines in the Atlantic and Pacific. Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) Test Stream is investing $1.1 million toward a year-long trial with the Canadian Coast.

By Karen Robes Meeks