Carnival Vessels to be Fitted With Bubbles

A “carpet of micro-bubbles”, developed by UK tech firm Silverstream Technologies, improves fuel efficiency in the shipping industry and has landed the business a £1 million deal with US shipping giant, Carnival Cruises.

The Silverstream System, a type of Air Lubrication System (ALS), pumps tiny bubbles through vents on the hull to reduce friction between the vessel and the water, helping it glide through the ocean. The technology has been independently proven to reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 12 percent, which in turn cuts running costs.

Silverstream Technologies Founder & CEO Noah Silberschmidt, said: “Shipping is one of the ‘hard to decarbonize’ global industries so we have spent the last few years independently testing our system to support our claims. We want to become a standard on newbuild vessels in the industry and to be the ‘new normal’ for sustainable shipping.

Silberschmidt said, “By working with the best partners to help shipping improve its efficiency standards, Silverstream wants to have a positive and progressive impact on the industry and in doing so, the wider world.” The business has been operating at full capacity in line with Government guidelines throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and is finalizing deals to supply an additional 15 ships in Europe and Asia by the end of the year.

By Sarah Spangler