Changing of the Watch

By Dave Abrams, Publisher

Dear Readers,

For the past 6 months, I have served as Editor for both PMM and FN online newsletters. This was my first foray into the media world, and I’m learning a lot. As we prepare for the first issues of the print editions of Pacific Maritime Magazine and Fishermen’s News, that learning curve is getting steeper! Our focus for PMM and FN Online has been to report emerging news items that we think will be of interest to you. But news reporting is only one piece of a monthly publication. The real challenge comes in generating interesting and relevant content that informs and educates on a wide range of topics affecting our industry. Creating that content and delivering it in a way that is engaging is a real talent, and one that I don’t really have! So it’s time for me to pass the editorial wheel over to someone that really knows this business. Thus it is with great enthusiasm that I introduce to you our new Managing Editor, Mark Nero. Mark has been covering the waterfront for decades, and for those longtime readers of our print publications, you will recognize his name from the many articles he contributed over the years. Mark is an accomplished reporter, writer and editor, and we are very excited to have him take the helm of Pacific Maritime Magazine and Fishermen’s News.

With Mark on watch keeping a steady hand on the wheel, I am going to shift my focus to the role of Publisher, looking out at the horizon and focusing on the long-term trends in our industry and how we can prepare our readers for the changes to come.

We will soon be reaching out to all of you to renew your subscriptions for the magazines (print and digital), and I hope we can count on your support. Thanks for reading and be safe out there.


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By Pacific Maritime