Container Dwell Times Up Slightly at San Pedro Bay Ports: PMSA

Image: Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

The amount of cargo that lingered at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach before leaving by truck or by rail rose slightly last month but stayed within pre-pandemic levels, according to new data released May 23 by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

Container dwell time at the twin ports went up from 2.5 days in March to 3.1 days in April for cargo that left by truck and rose from 4.1 days in March to 4.7 days in April for containers departing by rail.

This is in line with what has been trending for much of 2023 when the two seaports have seen dwell times remain at pre-pandemic normal levels as it heads into peak season, according to PMSA.

“The amount of time containers dwells at the port is a critical indicator of the overall health of the supply chain,” PMSA Vice President Michele Grubbs said. “Our 2023 dwell figures highlight the ability of the San Pedro Bay ports to quickly move cargo to the American people.”

By Karen Robes Meeks