Coos Bay North Jetty Repairs Part of U.S. Army Corps 2021 Plan

An additional $34.65 million toward repairing the North Jetty will be part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers 2021 work plan under the Major Maintenance and Repair program, the Port of Coos Bay announced Jan. 21.

The port was told through Representative Peter DeFazio’s office that the work would be included.

The jetty has been annually eroding by 20 feet, causing a total of 900 feet lost since being built in 1929. The Army Corps’ project involves adding about 120’-150’ to the length of the jetty, stabilizing the jetty’s head and appending rock to the trunk and root to further shore up the jetty.

“This work will be critical in ensuring the safety of mariners transiting in and out of the Coos Bay harbor,” the port said, adding that DaFazio advocated for the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund to be used for this work.

By Pacific Maritime