Everett Ship Repair Opens New Dry Dock

Gavin Higgins, Everett Ship Repair CEO; Lisa Lefeber, Director and CEO, Port of Everett; and Jon Hie, Everett Ship Repair General Manager, participate in a May 4, 2022 ribbon cutting ceremony for ESR’s new drydock. Photo. Everett Ship Repair.

Everett Ship Repair recently celebrated the opening and naming of its newest dry dock, the Emerald Lifter.

Named in tribute to the Puget Sound, the Emerald Lifter conducted maintenance and preservation work before moving to the company’s facility at the Port of Everett last month and being put into service May 3 with its first drydocking, the company said.

Its 2,000-ton lifting capacity and 220-foot by 62-foot working deck will complement the facility and Faithful Servant, the company’s current 430-foot by 110-foot 8,000-ton capacity dry dock that’s been operating since 2019.

The company also received from sister company Nichols Brothers Boat Builders a 150-ton link belt crane positioned on a 180-foot by 49-foot barge to serve both dry docks.

At the event, Everett Ship Repair CEO Gavin Higgins said he was excited about the opportunities the new dry dock brings to the facility, the jobs it will create and the skillset it adds to the shipyard.

“We have built up our team over the last two years to approximately 80 full-time staff,” he said. “We look forward to the new dry dock grabbing the attention of local tradesmen as we can continue to grow our team and serve the industry in a larger capacity now with two dry docks.”

Port Director and CEO Lisa Lefeber said she is happy that Everett Ship Repair is present and expanding.

“This has been a critical asset for our region” in keeping jobs and vessel repair here and supporting our local commercial fishing, ferries and Navy base, she said.

By Karen Robes Meeks