Everett Ship Repair to Expand Operations

Everett Ship Repair facility
Everett Ship Repair facility
The newly expanded Everett Ship Repair facility at the Port of Everett, Wash. Photo: Everett Ship Repair.

Everett Ship Repair, LLC has announced that it is expanding its Port of Everett-based operation to include a new dry dock and a 150-ton capacity floating crane that is expected to service the dry docks.

The company – owned by Ice Cap Holding, LLC and is a sister company of Freeland, Wash.-based Nichols Brothers Boat Builders – recently acquired a dry dock, the Emerald Lifter, which has a 2,000-ton lifting capacity and a 220-foot-by-62-foot working deck area that is expected to be relocated to its facility at the Port of Everett.

Having the new dry dock with the company’s current 8000-ton capacity dry dock Faithful Servant, allows Everett Ship Repair to offer its services to more vessels, including articulated tug barges, because the two docks can serve the tug and the barge at the same time.

The Emerald Lifter, which is expected to be operational by this spring, would be able to quickly serve public and private sectors’ tugboats, fishing vessels and other workboats.

“The expansion of capacity at Everett Ship Repair allows us, in combination with Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, to provide unparalleled services to the marine industry in the Puget Sound and surrounding areas,” Everett Ship Repair CEO Gavin Higgins said, adding that their combined history dates back to the 1960s and carries a long legacy of ship construction and repair.

By Karen Robes Meeks