Fairbanks Center Trains Kodiak Firemen

The Kodiak Fire Department recently hosted a six-day training course presented by the Fairbanks-based Lynden Training Center.

For the last six months, the Training Center has worked with the Alaska Fire Marshal’s office to become accredited to teach the General Technical Rescuer class, the first of its kind to be taught in Alaska for State of Alaska certification, according to Tyler Bones, director of HSSE.

“It’s rare that new courses are added to the state’s accreditation list, so our training center being the first shows what a great working relationship we have with the state,” Bones said.

Lynden has been providing training to the Kodiak Fire Department for the last two years. In 2018, firefighters used what they learned from the Confined Space Rescue course to respond to a fishing vessel rescue.

“Tyler and Don have provided incredibly technical and thorough training for our department in both Confined Space Rescue and most recently, the first-ever State of Alaska General Technical Rescuer,” said Kodiak Fire Chief Jim Mullican. “Their expertise and professionalism allowed my staff to practice in real-world situations, honing their skills in a positive learning environment. It is a pleasure to work with two top-notch instructors.”

By Karen Robes Meeks