Foss Maritime Gets New Chief Operating Officer

Chris Mack Jr.
Chris Mack Jr.
Chris Mack Jr. Photo courtesy of Foss Maritime.

Chris Mack Jr. is the new chief operating officer of Foss Maritime, the Seattle-based company announced via social media on July 20.

Mack, a Tacoma native who has been with the company since 2005, was elevated to the COO role and tasked with overseeing all of the company’s harbor services activities centered around “delivering operational excellence including safety, efficient operations, service delivery, technical management, organizational well-being, including engagement and development,” according to the company.

He will be responsible for managing marine assurance, human resources and labor, fleet engineering and the company’s regional management teams in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii, according to Foss.

He graduated from California Maritime Academy in 2005, began with Foss as an able-seaman in the ocean fleet and served in several deck positions before moving to shoreside roles in 2011. Since then, he has served as port captain, project manager, director of operations and general manager of the Pacific Northwest Region, his most previous role.

“I come from a family full of mariners and I am humbled to be in a position to support our mariners at Foss,” Mack said in the announcement. “I look forward to continuing the legacy of Foss being ‘Always Safe, Always Ready’ while providing a premier service to our customers.”

By Karen Robes Meeks