Glosten Chosen to Design San Francisco Bar Pilots Station Boats

The San Francisco Bar Pilots transportation escort service has chosen naval architecture and marine engineering company Glosten to design low-emission station boats, it was announced Jan. 23.

Seattle-based Glosten is said to be working on a propulsion feasibility study for the vessels, two of which are planned for service in 2024 and a third vessel planned for 2025.

The vessels are expected to be compliant with California Air Resources Board requirements.

“We are pleased to work with Glosten to design our new cutting-edge station boats,” San Francisco Bar Pilots President John Carlier said. “These new vessels will allow the Bar Pilots to continue to provide safe navigation throughout the San Francisco Bay and further our mission of environmental stewardship.”

Glosten previously partnered with San Francisco Bar Pilots in 2007, offering engineering support and construction management of the Drake, a San Francisco class 104-foot pilot station boat. 

“We are thrilled to be working with a long-standing client who shares our commitment to marine decarbonization,” Glosten President Morgan Fanberg said.

By Pacific Maritime Magazine