Husky Terminal Joins ICHCA as Corporate Member

Image courtesy of ICHCA International.

Tacoma-based Husky Terminal and Stevedoring is one of the newest members of ICHCA International, a London-based not-for-profit whose aim is to bolster cargo handling and cargo flow’s safety, productivity and efficiency, the association announced Feb. 8.

ICHCA has NGO (non-governmental organization) status with the International Maritime Organization, International Labour Organization and other U.N. agencies, which allows ICHCA “to monitor, contribute to and guide the development of regulations that impact both cargo handling and transport around the globe” on behalf of its members.

“We are excited to join the ICHCA community to reaffirm our commitment to safe and sustainable operations,” Husky President Dustin Stoker said. “Our membership with ICHCA is another positive step in our pursuit to zero harm to our people, environment and community.”

By Pacific Maritime Magazine