Indian-Built Coasters for Dutch Operator

Dutch operator Wijnne Barends

Indian shipbuilder Chowgule & Co has delivered the 4,230-dwt twins Lady Hanneke and Lady Hestia to Dutch owner Wijnne Barends as the first in a series of six 98.2-meter by 13.4-meter general cargo vessels being completed by the Indian company’s shipyard in Goa.

Designed by Holland’s Conoship International, the new H-2 type single-deckers are of slightly higher capacity and “greener” versions of the earlier Lady Helene and Lady Hester series delivered by China’s Wenling Hexing Shipyard in 2011. The new ships utilize an eight-cylinder Wärtsilä L20 four-stroke main engine of 1,600-kW output to drive a controllable-pitch propeller giving a fully-laden speed of 12 knots. A hold length of 67.2-meters, in conjunction with an open-top notation and a tanktop load rating of 15 tons per square meter, enables the vessels to carry large and heavy items as well as bulk grain and bundled timber.

By Pacific Maritime