Jensen Maritime Integrates with Crowley

After joining Crowley as a subsidiary in 2008, Seattle-based Jensen Maritime has fully integrated into Crowley Engineering Services group, it was announced Feb. 19.

Jensen’s marine engineering and naval architectural know-how pairs well with Crowley’s wide-ranging portfolio and extensive track record of engineering, project management and marine operations.

This new group creates “a stronger, singular source for customers seeking high-level design expertise drawing on Crowley’s overall knowledge of management and operations of vessels, including tugboats, tanks vessels such as articulated tug-barges, and other commercial and government vessels,” the company said.

“This exciting transformation reflects the evolution of Crowley’s capabilities as (a) single source for engineering and design,” said Matt Yacavone, senior vice president and general manager of Crowley Shipping. “The new group fits our strategic vision for growth by better connecting naval architecture and marine engineering customers with the full suite of Crowley’s experience and knowledge from ship assist tugs to emerging and traditional offshore energy services.”

Ray Martus, vice president of Crowley Engineering Services, added that the “transformative change will best take advantage of our teams’ knowledge and potential to lead more growth for Crowley and more value for customers.”

By Pacific Maritime