L.A. Officials Break Ground on Waterfront Project

Harbor, civic and community officials on Thursday celebrated the launch of the long-awaited Wilmington Waterfront Promenade project.

The $70.8 million project will include making Water Street parallel to the current railroad tracks and other infrastructure upgrades such as new utilities, paving, lighting and landscaping, as well as a promenade, public pier and dock, and playground, according to the port.

“Providing more direct public access to Wilmington’s historic waterfront has been a long-time vision for the Port of Los Angeles, but also for me personally,” said Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner Lucia Moreno-Linares. “As a Wilmington resident for more than 50 years, I am grateful to all who have played a role in keeping this project moving forward.”

The project, set for completion in 2023, also includes a new community park near Banning’s Landing Community Center, seating for visitors, bike racks and drinking fountains.

“We have worked diligently over the years to create more open spaces and recreational areas for the residents of Wilmington,” said 15th District Los Angeles City Councilman Buscaino. “It is most important that we are constantly creating buffers between the Wilmington community and heavy industry. This project will deliver a new waterfront that will be a game changer for Wilmington and the L.A. Waterfront.”

By Sarah Spangler