LA, Long Beach Ports Introduce Cargo Congestion Easement Measures

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Friday introduced a series of measures aimed at easing freight bottlenecks brought on by record cargo volumes.

The seaports say they plan to extend truck pickup and drop off times and have encouraged terminal operators to incentivize open gate hours – particularly those at night – to curb congestion. Both urged trucking companies and terminal operators to work together on shifting cargo movement to nights.

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka said the port will broaden weekend operating gate hours as part of what it is calling it’s “Accelerate Cargo LA” pilot program.

“We appreciate the leadership of the Biden-Harris Administration in marshalling a response to the unprecedented global supply chain disruption so acutely felt here at the San Pedro Bay Port Complex,” said Seroka. “These steps, in addition to what has previously been recommended, demonstrate that the Port of Los Angeles will continue to innovate in order to manage this historic cargo surge.”

For the Port of Long Beach, it’s a major first step in making the port a 24/7 supply chain operation previously announced by its executive director, Mario Cordero.

“The Port of Long Beach is prepared to take bold and immediate action to help the supply chain move the record cargo volumes that keep our economy moving, and we appreciate the support and leadership shown by the Biden-Harris Administration,” Cordero said.

By Karen Robes Meeks