Los Angeles, Long Beach Ports Establish Clean Truck Fund Program

San Pedro Bay ports
San Pedro Bay ports
Officials from the San Pedro Bay ports during a kickoff event for implementation of the Clean Truck Fund rate. Photo: Port of Long Beach.

The Los Angeles and Long Beach seaports this month formally kicked off the new Clean Truck Fund, which was established to further the development of zero-emission trucks and related infrastructure.  

The Clean Truck Fund program calls for the collection of at least $10 per loaded TEU on trucks coming and going from terminals. Containers hauled by zero-emission and low-nitrogen oxide-emitting drayage trucks may get short-term exemptions from the rate.  

The fund is expected to yield about $90 million in the first year of collection, according to the ports. 

 “The launch of today’s program is an important step forward, yet much more collective work needs to be done,” Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka said at an April event marking the program’s launch. “Transitioning the fleet of trucks that serve this port complex is a $10 billion effort that requires all stakeholders to coordinate on funding, policy and infrastructure. We need to accelerate the technology and develop investment streams – public and private – to support this effort.”  

Both ports want a fleet of drayage trucks serving their terminals to be completely zero-emissions by 2035. 

Private contractor PortCheck is collecting the CTF rate. Trucks have to be registered in the PortCheck system to set up rate pay before picking up and/or dropping off cargo. Registrations can be made at pierpass.org.  

By Karen Robes Meeks