Lynden Delivers “Clinic in a Can” to Alaska

The small Western Alaskan community of Naknek recently received vital medical services, thanks to “Clinic in a Can,” a mobile medical center delivered by Lynden Air Cargo.

“Clinic in a Can” started with a doctor who wanted to reimagine 20-foot containers into emergency clinics for third-world countries, Lynden said. Putting the project together was Ethan Bradford, Lynden Air Cargo’s Vice President of Technical Operations.

The clinic was moved from Wichita to Tacoma by Alaska West Express, then shipped to Anchorage, where Lynden Air Cargo got it to its final destination at King Salmon’s Camai Community Health Center.

“Protecting workers, Alaskans and our communities during the fishing season and year-round continues to be an important challenge in our state’s COVID response,” Camai Health Center Executive Director Mary Swain told Lynden, adding that she wants two more clinics for the region. “We received grant money to purchase the mobile clinic, and we can transport it to wherever it is needed most.”

By Sarah Spangler