Man the Ship and Bring Her (back) to Life

By Dave Abrams, Publisher

If anyone has witnessed the commissioning of a new ship, the words “Man the ship and bring her to life” is the call for the crew to board the ship, raise the colors and bring her one step closer to going to sea. In my Navy career, I had the opportunity to bring several Ready Reserve Force ships back to life that were in “mothballs”, but without any pomp and circumstance. Just a signature in the logbook indicating the vessel met the operational requirements of the Navy.

As you may have read in the January 12/13 issues of PMM and FN On Line, we are undertaking the re-start of the print editions of both Pacific Maritime Magazine and Fishermen’s News, and hope to have the first issues out later this spring. I am honored to have the opportunity to bring these great publications back to life, and we are working diligently to re-build the team that will bring you the quality publication that you expect.

We hope to create publications that provide timely and relevant content that help keep the maritime community informed about the latest industry news regarding safety/environmental, regulations, technology, equipment, facilities, vessels, and most importantly, people. Coming from the maritime education business, I hope our publications will educate, inform and entertain. We all love a good sea story!

So while I don’t think we will be holding a “re-commissioning”, as the publisher of these magazines, I want to hear from you, our readers, about what you liked and didn’t like about Pacific Maritime Magazine and Fishermen’s News, so I can make them even better as the first issues get underway. Please email me directly at with your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for being a subscriber to our electronic newsletters, and I hope we can count on your support for our print editions too! Be safe out there!

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By Pacific Maritime