Nautilus, Vancouver USA Port Ink 30-Year Bulk Facility Agreement

Image: Nautilus International Holding Corp.

Nautilus and the Port of Vancouver USA have signed a 30-year lease agreement for the port’s Terminal 2 bulk facility in a venture with partner Neltume Ports, the company announced April 27. 

The contract, which includes two possible 10-year extensions, comes ahead of the company’s 100th anniversary in June.

“The Nautilus family of companies, including Metro Ports, have a long reputation for leadership and innovation in port operations,” Nautilus International Holding Corp. CEO Robert Owens said. “The longevity of this contract allows us to continue in that tradition and set the tone for the future of maritime operations in the Columbia River region.”

Neltume Ports’ Fernando Reveco also lauded the agreement.

“Neltume Ports’ ownership interest in VBT means we can transfer our experience and knowledge in the development of these kinds of terminals, which will complement the vast experience of the local port industry at Nautilus and its stevedoring company Metro Ports,” Reveco said.

By Karen Robes Meeks