Oakland Port Mandating Zero Emissions Plans for Cargo-Handling Equipment

The Port of Oakland headquarters building. File photo by Mark Nero.

Tenants who operate cargo-handling equipment at the Port of Oakland will now need a plan to convert that equipment to zero-emission equipment, according to a new environmental ordinance approved March 9 by the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners.

Under the ordinance, tenants are required to submit an equipment conversion plan by Dec. 31.

“The entire port board is committed to decarbonizing operations at port facilities,” Port Board President Barbara Leslie said. “This ordinance calls for our seaport tenants to develop a plan to reach zero emissions from cargo-handling operations.”

Members of the port environmental staff are expected to look over the conversion plans yearly “for accountability, transparency, and partnering in support of tenants as they implement their plans,” according to the port.

“We recognize there are technical and financial challenges to make major changes in operations,” Port Maritime Director Bryan Brandes said. “We will continue to partner with our maritime tenants to help them achieve success (in) getting to zero-emissions.”

By Karen Robes Meeks