POLB Channel Deepening Project Receives Federal Authorization

Port of Long Beach area map via POLB.

The Port of Long Beach’s Channel Deepening Project is one of the U.S. projects included in the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2022, the newly signed law by President Joe Biden that allows funding for flood control, navigation and ecosystem-related projects, it was announced Dec. 28.

Long Beach’s channel deepening effort is among five navigation projects in the country that passed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ “rigorous planning process to make the cut for construction authorization under the new water resources law,” the port said in a statement.

Long Beach and the Army Corps are jointly funding the $200 million project, which calls for dredging the Long Beach Approach Channel from 76 to 80 feet and parts of the West Basin from 50 to 55 feet.

Also included are the Main Channel being hollowed out to 76 feet, building an approach channel and turning basin to Pier J South with a 55-foot depth, and making improvements to the breakwaters at the entryway of Pier J, the port said.

“This project will widen and deepen the harbor serving one of the world’s top 10 busiest container port complexes,” Port Executive Director Mario Cordero explained. “Increasing the safety and efficiency of vessels transiting our waterways supports our mission to remain competitive while reducing pollution from port-related operations.”

By Karen Robes Meeks