Port of Everett Adopts $89M Budget for 2022

Port of Everett
Port of Everett
Port of Everett commissioners have approved an $89 million spending plan for 2022. Image via Port of Everett.

Earlier this month, Port of Everett commissioners approved an $89 million spending strategy for 2022 that’s focused on enacting initiatives in the port’s Strategic Plan.

The budget sets aside $53.7 million for capital improvement efforts, including about $16.8 million for environmental remediation and public access projects.

It also proposes $103 million toward the port’s 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Plan, which encompasses dozens of projects that further the Strategic Plan, including completing work on the new Norton Terminal, finishing maintenance dredging and installing a new restroom at Jetty Landing & Boat Launch, reconfiguring the fuel dock and building, and mixed-use developments at Waterfront Place.

There are also plans to complete related groundwork for the Blue Heron Slough mitigation bank and buying clean energy equipment for the port and marina.

The port said its Capital Improvement Plan features 81 projects that develop the port’s Strategic Initiatives, “placing a high emphasis on continued seaport investments to put the former Kimberly-Clark mill site back into job-producing use with development of a new marine cargo terminal.”

By Karen Robes Meeks