Port of Hueneme Creates Air Quality Improvement Plan

The Port of Hueneme is paving the way for a greener future with the creation of the SPARC (Sustainable Power Advancement & Resiliency for our Community) Blueprint, a plan that outlines the port’s goal to improve air quality and adapt to climate change. It will also incorporate a timeline for moving the port into a zero-emissions operation.

“This project will be an essential element in charting the port’s pathway to a zero-emission future as part of the port’s commitment to being a steward of the local environment,” Oxnard Harbor District President Jason Hodge remarked. “The port recognizes the urgency of addressing the climate crisis facing the globe and is undertaking multiple projects to facilitate reducing air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from port operations.”

SPARC was partly paid for by the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program. The program awarded the port and its partners a $200,000 grant, which will go toward quantifying the “types, uses, and volumes of clean energy fuels needed at the port in the future along with estimated infrastructure costs and timelines.”

“The goal of having this infrastructure plan is to accelerate deployment of zero emission medium to heavy duty equipment at the port using a holistic view of transportation and logistics planning with the long-term goal of the port becoming zero emissions,” said port Environmental Manager Giles Pettifor.

SPARC is an integral step towards obtaining zero emissions throughout the goods movement supply chain, port CEO and Director Kristin Decas said.

“This project will bring partners and experts in clean air initiatives together to make meaningful and obtainable plans for significant air quality improvements to the disadvantaged communities of the Oxnard Harbor District,” she explained.


By Karen Robes Meeks