Port of Hueneme Unveils Environmental Results

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Hueneme posted high marks in its annual environmental assessment and accreditation, scoring high in four of the six categories for 2019.

The port earned a 5/5 for Waste Management, Prevention of Spills and Leakages, Community Impacts, Environmental Leadership and garnered a 2/5 for Underwater Noise and a 3/5 for Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution from Green Marine, which reviews environmental programs for the North American maritime industry using over 100 performance criteria consisting of six categories.

“The Port of Hueneme has led the way in California, charting the course ahead for the state’s ports to improve their environmental sustainability through the Green Marine program,” said Green Marine’s Executive Director David Bolduc. “In their fourth year of certification, Hueneme continues to show improvements in measuring and reducing their environmental footprint, further affirming their commitment to the local eco-sphere.”

Since 2008, the port has lowered air emissions by 87 percent, and have seen reduced environmental impacts in each category through a rigorous Environmental Management Framework set in motion in 2015, said CEO and Port Director Kristin Decas.

“I look forward to continuing to partner with all of our stakeholders in creating cleaner operations we all benefit from,” she said.

By Sarah Spangler