Port of LA Completes SSA Terminal Upgrades

The Port of Los Angeles has recently finished almost $1 million in improvements to the terminal run by SSA Marine, including a new roof for the breakbulk terminal building at Berths 54-55, new lighting and doors, the port revealed March 10.

The terminal is a significant processor for Chilean produce such as grapes and stone fruit and handles as much as 90,000 metric tons of produce every winter, according to the port. The building serves as the main staging space for the refrigerated goods before they are sent to markets and distribution facilities as far as Texas and Canada’s border, the port said.

“Being equipped to handle breakbulk shipments efficiently for our customers is an important priority at our port,” stated port cargo marketing manager Marcel van Dijk, who oversees cold storage shipments. “U.S. consumers expect fresh produce on grocery shelves year-round and we are committed to having the best possible infrastructure and facilities in place to assure that perishables get to market quickly and expediently.”

By Pacific Maritime