Port of Long Beach, Terminal Operators Team for Two-Way Truck Deliveries

The Port of Long Beach, marine terminal operators, truck drivers and customers are teaming up to raise the frequency of “two-way” truck deliveries, the port announced recently.

In this collaboration, International Transportation Service, Long Beach Container Terminal, SSA Marine and Total Terminals International pledge to coordinate more situations in which a truck can deliver an export and then pick up an import in the same visit. Terminal operators are enhancing their appointment systems to allow more two-way transactions to happen. Trucking companies and drivers also are being encouraged to drop off an empty container before picking up a loaded import.

“Increasing the share of dual transactions will optimize truck deliveries, terminal appointments and chassis availability during this unprecedented time in the Port’s history,” said Port Executive Director Mario Cordero. “We recognize the Port’s unique advantage as Southern California’s gateway for trans-Pacific trade, and we are committed to leveraging those advantages for the benefit of all customers and stakeholders.”

The goal is making sure at least half of deliveries are two-way transactions. Some operators are already surpassing that goal with over 70 percent of moves being dual transactions.

“Working with the marine terminal operators to prioritize dual transactions for our truckers is another example of how the amazing partnerships at the Port of Long Beach work to provide stellar service to our customers,” said Long Beach Harbor Commission President Frank Colonna. “We hope this plan will cement our reputation as the Port of Choice for delivering cargo quickly, safely and efficiently.”

By Sarah Spangler