Port of Oakland Looking to Open Off-Terminal Container Yard

Port of Oakland
Port of Oakland
The Port of Oakland says it is teaming up with federal and state agencies to provide more yard space and equipment for agricultural exports. Photo via Port of Oakland.

Looking to improve the movement of agricultural exports through the Port of Oakland, the port is teaming up with federal and state agencies to provide more yard space and equipment, bring back export vessel calls, and more.

Oakland said that it plans to open and run a 25-acre off-terminal container yard to allow exports to come off chassis and be temporarily stored so they can be quickly picked up, as well as access to equipment to facilitate quicker turn times.

“The goal is to provide relief to agricultural exporters who are facing shortages of export capacity and skyrocketing logistics costs,” the port explained in a news release on Monday.

Oakland is a major gateway for much of California’s agricultural exports and refrigerated proteins, but growing import demand has created bottlenecks from displaced vessels and lack of available containers for exporters, according to the port.

Export volumes have fallen at Oakland from skipped sailings and not enough equipment for exports, prompting state and port leaders to meet with farm and transportation officials to address the issue.

“We need the shipping companies to immediately restore the export lines from Oakland to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent,” Port Maritime Director Bryan Brandes said.

By Karen Robes Meeks