Port of Oakland Turning Basin Widening Study Advances

An image showing the Port of Oakland turning basins study/project area. Image: Oakland seaport.

A study that explores a major infrastructure project that would accommodate much larger cargo vessels in the Port of Oakland has moved forward to its final phase.

With the May 31 release of “A Notice of Preparation,” which is needed to start a required environmental review, the Port of Oakland Turning Basins Widening Study advances to the next stage.

The port and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District are teaming up to look at a proposal to expand Oakland’s federal turning basins. The port has said that it intends to finish a draft Environmental Impact Report by early 2023 for the public to review.

“The port’s turning basins are critical infrastructure both regionally and nationally,” Port Maritime Director Bryan Brandes said. “It is important we continue to invest in our nation’s waterways to meet the needs of our customers and the goals of our port stakeholders.”

This, he said, is the very reason why the port has reserved nearly 10 acres of the Howard Terminal for expanding the Inner Harbor turning basin.

“If the feasibility study deems expansion of the Inner Harbor turning basin necessary, the port, with or without a future Howard Terminal ballpark project, has both the ability and authority to expand into Howard Terminal to ensure maritime operational efficiencies,” Brandes explained.

The Feasibility Study/EA is expected to be complete by mid-2023. Depending on approvals and funding, designs for the selected turning basins plan could start in late 2023, the port said.

More information and/or comment submission is available at https://www.oaklandseaport.com/oakland-harbor-turning-basins-widening-navigation-study/

By Karen Robes Meeks