Port of Portland Seeks Partners in Mass Timber Housing Factory

Image: Port of Portland.

The Port of Portland is looking for partners to develop a mass timber housing factory at its Terminal 2.

The port put out a public Request for Information on Nov. 30 to draw those interested in operating and possibly building an off-site factory at the T2 Mass Timber Innovation Hub. Feedback from the RFI is expected to shape a future formal Request for Proposal.

The seaport is part of the Oregon Mass Timber Coalition, which netted a $41.4 million EDA grant in September. The factory is key to the coalition’s vision of being “a nationally recognized, regional hub of innovation and industry transformation for sustainable mass timber design, housing, development and construction.”

“This is a great opportunity to be at the forefront of a dynamic industry that is catalyzing housing innovation,” port Executive Director Curtis Robinhold said. “Mass timber housing will be transformative for Oregon; we’re looking for more innovators who share this passion. This request for information is an important first step in assembling a team that will roll up their sleeves and make it happen.”

The deadline for RFI responses is Jan. 16. 

For more, check out www.portofportland.com/masstimberrfi.

By Karen Robes Meeks