Port of San Diego’s Maritime Dept. to Manage Anchorages

The Port of San Diego’s Maritime Department has taken over managing anchorages on San Diego Bay and the port’s Shelter Island Guest Docks at 1401 Shelter Island Drive from the Harbor Police Department.

This move, which took place last month, means new changes to reserving a slip in Guest Docks, including a daily dockage fee increase from $1 per lineal foot per day to $1.19 per lineal foot per day and no more online reservations. Boaters will have to call (619) 400-4744 between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily to reserve a slip. They will have to email valid identification and vessel registration to moorings@portofsandiego.org. They can check to see available slips at http://reservations.portofsandiego.org/boating/Index.asp.

The port also offers two 72-hour anchorages and a “Cruiser Anchorage (A9),” which come with no fee to anchor but require a permit. Boaters can get permits online for the La Playa Cove (A1) and Glorietta Bay (A5) anchorages.

For the Cruiser Anchorage, a vessel inspection by Harbor Police is needed for a permit and boaters must go to the Harbor Police substation at 1401 Shelter Island Drive to obtain it. This is available to only non-San Diego County residents.

More information is available at https://www.portofsandiego.org/coming-and-going/boating-san-diego-bay/shelter-island-guest-docks.

By Pacific Maritime