Port of San Francisco Receives Funding for Waterfront Risk Study

Port of San Francisco
Port of San Francisco
Image via Port of San Francisco.

The Port of San Francisco’s effort to study flood, earthquake and other risks to its waterfront recently received a federal financial boost thanks to House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who in mid-January ensured $5 million for the port and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The money allows San Francisco and the USACE to finish a San Francisco waterfront coastal flood study, which would not only pinpoint vulnerabilities to the waterfront, but include recommendations for how to lower those risks and help guide federal investment for port projects in the future.

This adds to the $3 million previously secured by Pelosi, the port said.

“Speaker Pelosi’s bold leadership and deep commitment to the San Francisco waterfront is protecting people, critical infrastructure and neighborhoods from the impacts of a devastating earthquake and future sea level rise,” Port Executive Director Elaine Forbes said. “Completing the USACE San Francisco Waterfront Coastal Flood Study is critical to ensuring that we are able to protect the waterfront and ensure that the billions of dollars in economic activity, critical transportation infrastructure and our most iconic destinations continue to stand strong for decades to come.”

By Pacific Maritime Magazine