Port of Seattle to Fund Creek Remediation

Port of Seattle Commissioners moved to fund a portion of the Miller Creek restoration project in collaboration with the cities of Burien and SeaTac.

The motion to negotiate an inter-local agreement to allocate $800,000 of the $3.5 million joint project would help with the replacement of a failing culvert and the creation of 450 feet of new salmon spawning habitat on port land along Des Moines Memorial Drive. The creek supports existing runs of Coho salmon.

“When fully funded, this project will help restore Miller Creek to a more natural state, cooling and filtering the water to restore salmon habitat,” said Maiya Andrews, Public Works Director for the City of Burien.

SeaTac Public Works Director William Appleton said the project protects a sensitive environmental network and creates the potential for education and outreach.

“This is a fantastic opportunity that creates needed infrastructure and environmental improvements in a watershed that is one of the few salmon-bearing creeks in our area,” he said.

By Pacific Maritime