Port of Vancouver USA Completes Terminal Stabilization Project

Image: Port of Vancouver USA.

The Port of Vancouver USA has finished its Terminal 4 Bank Stabilization Project, resolving the erosion of a bank in an ecologically-minded way, the port announced in December.

The port and its environmental partners helped stabilize the bank at Terminal 4, where port tenant Subaru operates. 

The terminal was built in 1994 with no riverbank protection from high water and over time has seen the bank slope “eroded significantly and upland infrastructure was at risk of being damaged,” according to the port.

Vancouver USA and its partners came up with a long-term solution, which includes maximizing beach habitat, removing invasive species, putting in various native plants compatible with the Columbia River shoreline and providing aquatic habitat preferred by juvenile salmonids, the port said.

More than 2,000 native trees and shrubs such as cottonwood, dogwood, Douglas Spirea and various Willow species were planted. 

“The port looks forward to continued collaboration with our environmental partners on the habitat improvements,” the port said. “We will continue to monitor and maintain the site for continued success into the future.”

By Karen Robes Meeks