Port Westward’s Beaver Dock Back in Service

Beaver Dock at the Port Westward Industrial Park. Photo: Port of Columbia County.

Commercial operations have returned to Beaver Dock at Port Westward Industrial Park in Oregon after a barge damaged the dock last November.

A tug and barge not associated with Port Westward were heading up the Columbia River on Nov. 12 when they crashed into the dock, destroying about 100 feet of downstream approach and damaging several pipelines, none of which leaked product, according to the Port of Columbia County.

Crews have spent the last four months building a new pipe connection and reconstructing a product line, vapor recovery line, inert gas line, fire water line, water discharge line and electrical conduit, the port said.

Port officials also worked closely with Portland General Electric, which runs three power generation plants at Port Westward, to reconstruct their water discharge system on the dock.

Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery (CPBR), the dock’s main user, headed efforts to get the facility up and running and loading of renewable diesel.

“The port would like to thank dock user CPBR for leading the rebuild effort as well as the local, state and federal agencies whose response and actions played a pivotal role in getting the dock back in operation,” Port Executive Director Sean Clark said.

By Karen Robes Meeks