San Pedro Bay Ports’ Container Dwell Fee Still on Hold 

port containers
port containers
Stacked containers at the San Pedro Bay port complex. Photo: Chris Valle Photography.

The Long Beach and Los Angeles seaports have moved the implementation date of the “Container Dwell Fee,” a fee that would charge ocean carriers for lingering containers, until April 22. 

Leaders at both ports have delayed the fee weekly based on how well containers have been moving out of marine terminals. So far, the adjoining ports say, they have seen the amount of older cargo left on their docks drop by 42% since announcing the program Oct. 25. 

Los Angeles and Long Beach port leaders have said they plan to continue monitoring that progress throughout the week. 

The temporary fee, which was developed with the Biden-Harris Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force and other stakeholders, calls for ocean carriers can be fined $100 for every import that stays on the docks nine or more days, plus $100 increments per container a day until the container departs the terminal. 

Revenue from the fee would benefit programs geared to bolstering cargo efficiency and velocity and addressing the effects of congestion. 


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By Karen Robes Meeks