Soybean Export Milestone Achieved at Port of Kalama

The Port of Kalama exported more soybeans than any other U.S. West Coast port in 2020, according to a recent Pacific Merchant Shipping Association report.

A total of almost 5 million metric tons of soybeans moved through privately-owned TEMCO and Kalama Export, two grain elevators at the port. It amounts to about 33% of all soybean exports on the U.S. West Coast, the port revealed May 5.

The two grain elevators have been able to upgrade their facilities in recent years.

“Both TEMCO and Kalama Export are the absolute workhorses of the port,” said Port Commission President Randy Sweet. “Every year we continue to be amazed at how well they perform, and it speaks volumes about their operations and hardworking employees.”

The port also handled 15 million metric tons of exported cargo in 2020, most of them agricultural goods. That’s almost 15% more than 2019 and 50% more than a decade ago, according to port data.

By Pacific Maritime