‘Tis The Season

By Dave Abrams, Publisher             

New Year’s has always been my favorite holiday of the year (followed closely by the 4th of July). It’s a day all about new beginnings. About putting another year behind us and resolving to do new and better things in the year ahead. It’s a day of celebration without any of the gift giving pressures, and a day that is celebrated by the vast majority of the global population.

When that clock strikes midnight around the world on December 31st, I think there is going to be universal agreement that 2021 holds promise of better things to come. I know most of us are ready to put 2020 in the rearview mirror as soon as possible. Not that it’s been all bad – for example, this year brought the opportunity for me to take the helm at PMM and FN online! I’m a glass half full kinda guy, and I am hopeful that some of the lessons we learned this year will make life easier in the future.

But New Year’s does not get the attention it deserves. This time of year, it’s all about Christmas. ‘Tis the season as they say. And everyone in the Maritime Industry are the unsung heroes of Christmas. Yes, Santa may have his elves putting all those toys together, but let’s face it, Santa outgrew that sleigh long ago, and without the ships and ports transporting goods around the globe, Christmas would not be the same. Over 90% of global trade arrives by ship. We’ve been reporting on various ports on the West Coast having record breaking numbers, which would be news in normal times, but during a global pandemic – wow!

So for all of you who are helping to move cargo this time of year, cheers to you! You are Santa’s real helpers, and we know many of you are staying out to sea longer or putting in much longer days at the port to get the job done. Thank you for making it happen.

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy holiday season! Be safe out there.

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By Sarah Spangler