TOTE Maritime Alaska Enrolling in Green Marine

Image: TOTE Maritime.

TOTE Maritime Alaska, which serves the route to and from Tacoma and Anchorage with its ro/ro cargo vessel fleet, is enrolling in Green Marine, the environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry, the shipping company announced April 18.

“TOTE’s use of alternative fuels such as LNG dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions on a tank-to-wake basis, offering a pathway to decarbonization in the shipping industry,” TOTE Group President and CEO Tim Nolan said.

“By utilizing the cleanest, most readily available fuel for shipping today and into the future,” he added, “TOTE is creating positive outcomes for those we serve and the coastal communities in which we operate.”

To attain Green Marine certification, TOTE plans to evaluate its fleet’s environmental performance based on key performance indicators that deal with issues such as “greenhouse gases, ballast water discharge, air emissions, oily water, waste management, underwater noise, and ship recycling.”

The process to obtain certification is expected to be comprehensive with results independently checked every two years, and performance released publicly on an annual basis.

By Karen Robes Meeks