USCG Cutter Alert Completes Patrol

The 210-foot medium-endurance cutter, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alert, recently returned to Astoria, Oregon, from a 60-day living marine resources patrol that stretched from Humboldt County to the Southern Maritime Border with Mexico.

The crew members, who were there to support the Coast Guard’s Ocean Steward and Ocean Guardian strategic guidance, boarded 38 vessels and reported compliance that resulted in 47 violations. Cutter Alert found 30 safety violations and canceled three commercial fishing vessels that were deemed unsafe. The crew also issued 17 living marine resources violations.

“I’m extremely proud of the Alert crew for their dedication and devotion to duty during our living marine resources patrol off the coast of California,” said Cmdr. Tyson Scofield, the Alert’s commanding officer. “The fishing industry is a vital component of the West Coast economy, and the Coast Guard is ready to keep the industry safe and sustainable. Alert’s first District 11 Living Marine Resources patrol in several years was a resounding success, paving the way for future major cutter operations in the region.”

By Sarah Spangler