USCG James Crew Participate in Drug Interdiction

Crew members of the US Coast Guard Cutter James were part of a major effort to seize thousands of pounds of drugs in international waters of the Caribbean Basin and the Eastern Pacific Ocean off the Mexican, Central and South American coasts. Cutter James will unload approximately 28,000 pounds of seized cocaine with an estimated value of $367 million and about 11,000 pounds of seized marijuana valued at $10.1 million at Port Everglades.

The Coast Guard conducted 18 interdictions of suspected drug smuggling vessels accounting for the seizure of 19 tons of narcotics with a street value of more than $375 million. The Cutter James crew conducted six of those interdictions resulting in 7,022 pounds of cocaine and 4,085 pounds marijuana.

“These drugs will not reach Main Street USA due to the efforts of the James crew and other Coast Guard cutters involved in these interdictions,” said Capt. Jeffrey Randall, Coast Guard Cutter James commanding officer. “The James crew conducted counter-drug operations with the cooperative efforts with regional partner nations, like Columbia, Costa Rica and alongside the agencies involved in Operation Martillo to stop the flow of illegal narcotics into the United States. Due to this cooperative effort, we maintain an offensive against criminal networks and criminal organizations.”

By Karen Robes Meeks