USCG Supports Arctic Exercise

This month, the US Coast Guard offered coverage for Navy and Marine Corps personnel who took part in the Arctic Expeditionary Capabilities Exercise (AECE) 2019 in Alaska, making sure participants were safe during the exercise.

Coverage included supplying search and rescue, law enforcement crews, and assistance in navigating Alaskan waters at exercise locations.

“As one of the nation’s Armed Forces, the Coast Guard integrates with the Department of Defense, including the US Navy and the US Marine Corps as evidenced during this exercise,” said Capt. Melissa L. Rivera, chief of staff for the Seventeenth Coast Guard District. “Our helicopters, planes, equipment and personnel can fully integrate with the other military services as our HC-130 airplane is conducting refueling operations with the Navy and Marines, our MH-65 helicopter is landing on US Navy assets, our Maritime Safety and Security Teams are enforcing security zones around US Navy assets, and our deck watch officers embarked on US Navy ships to provide local knowledge and guidance to ensure safe passage.”

By Karen Robes Meeks